Sunday, July 30, 2006

DIY E-6 processing part II

Some people may cringe at this idea but I have also figured out a way to develop E-6 film with regular success in this Unidrum. The most important thing to remember is that temperature variations are quite critical in developing "chromes" so that if you are consistent in your method you can be successful. I also wish to clarify that I do photography purely as a hobby so I do not have client’s expectations to contend with. On the flip side of the coin I thoroughly enjoy doing all of the processing myself at home and take pride and satisfaction in knowing that I am self sufficient in my hobby. In my area I can buy Agfa E-6 (500ml kits) for about $14.00 Cdn. and this will do eight sheets (2 cycles) in a Unidrum. At a $1.75 per sheet this is slightly less that would I would pay in town. I am also able to do the processing as soon as I get home from a day shooting if I want and get to see the results that very evening. So let’s read about the technique I use.

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