Friday, July 28, 2006

Spirit Bear

Spirit Bear-Ghost Bear White Kermode Spirit Bear Terrace B,C,Canada BEARS FOREST

This is a new one to me:

The kermode bear (Ursa Americanus Kermodie) is a beautiful white bear that lives in therain forests of British Columbia. Unlike what some think, the Kermode bear is not a polar bear, nor is it an albino. The kermode is a sub species of the black bear. There is a recessive gene which both parents have to have to make the black bear white. There can be a family with white and black bears at the same time!-From

The Good News is that 5 million acres of the 19 million acre Great Bear Rainforest in British Columbia is now protected.

The new conservation agreement, negotiated directly by the British Columbia government and the region's First Nations, will protect an unspoiled area twice the size of Yellowstone National Park from logging and ensure the right of the First Nations to manage their traditional territories. In addition, the agreement establishes new, more stringent standards for logging in the rainforest outside of the protected area. "The accord will preserve this irreplaceable rainforest but still allow for controlled logging to sustain local economies," said NRDC senior attorney Susan Casey-Lefkowitz. "It is a new model that shows we can save our most valuable wildlands and our communities at the same time." From

Thanks go out to TreeHugger for the tip on this story

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