Thursday, July 20, 2006

Tom Jordan's Stella Trip Across the Northern USA

Tom Jordan's Stella Trip Across the Northern USA

Tom Jordan is just a regular guy who took a long ride across the northern USA and part of Canada on his Stella. Genuine Scooter Company didn't ask him to do it or sponsor his trip, but he was kind enough to share his story with us as it unfolded and send photos afterwards. These are his words and photos about the trip. -From Genuine Scooters introduction.

I made it to Montana ... and discovered, much to my chagrin, that the eastern part of the state is devoid of campgrounds. Additionally, it seems that every parcel of land is owned by ranchers who, rumor has it, don't take kindly to trespassers of any sort. I spoke with a highway patrol officer at a gas station to make sure that my bike would be legal on the stretch of interstate I would need to take to avoid a long detour. He assured me there would be no problem and reminded me to be careful. I thanked him and took off.
Legal or not, the Montana highway at night is no place to be on a motor scooter. After about ten harrowing miles I pulled into a rest stop. Waiting there was a different state trooper. After I reassured him that I wasn't some 'nut job being stupid' (his phrase), he explained to me that my bike was definitely illegal on the interstate. I politely disagreed. He then spent the better part of half an hour flipping through pages in his reference books before grudgingly admitting that I was probably right. At this point, he did his best to intimidate me, in the friendliest way possible, into sleeping at the rest stop. His main worry was that a drunk driver would plow into me on the highway. My main concern were the signs saying "Danger, Rattlesnakes. Stay on Sidewalk"
I decided I would rather take my chances with the rattlesnakes. I acceded to his demands, and asked if it would be okay to bend the rules about not pitching tents at a rest stop, considering the circumstances. He responded with an emphatic no.
So, I parked my bike, loaded my valuables into my backpack, tied a string taut from my wrist to the pack, unrolled my air matress and got, I must admit, a damn good night's sleep on a cement bench. -
From the body of Tom's text.

Can you tell I've got Summer-Fever?
Yet another cross-country scooter travelog. Ohio to Vancouver B.C. to San Francisco. On a Stella. Take THAT, Jack Kerouac! But I gotta say this is one of the more stelar examples of the genre. LOT'S of nice pictures, and a friendly easy going writing style, like the guy just sidled up to you at the counter of some state highway greasy spoon.

Thanks to Gary, the technical moderator on Modern Vespa.

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