Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Regular readers may notice that the article posted recently about my dislike of full-face helmets has been removed.
Further research has indicated that the studies linked to in that post were either outdated or dubious. A VAST majority of conscientious scooterists and motorcycle safety experts agree that full-face helmets are the best lids for keeping your brain in it's bony jar. So I'm shopping for a full-face for myself and my lovely lady. (Who's 1976 Vespa Sprint 150 Veloce should arrive Friday!)
As always the Dragon supports the rights of responsible adults to wear whatever helmet they choose, or none if such is legal in their jurisdiction. The Dragon also opposes Nanny-state legislation (helmet laws, seatbelt laws, and their ilk) on full-grown adults.
And remember the studies do indicate that a riders best protection on the road comes from skills training (such as the MSF courses) and sobriety.
This has been a Dragon public service message. We now return you to the regular blog.

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