Saturday, July 01, 2006

The Dragon gets a new scoot

I got a Vespa!
Well, actually WE did it, since Jes owns most of it at this point. (of course I'll be paying her back)
I ran across it last night, and showed it to Jes, thinking I'd get her opinion and see if she'd loan me the cash if she agreed that it was a good deal.
Figured she's the sensible one A.) concerning large expenditures and B.) concerning value of motor vehicles, and that she would come up with some arguement I'd over looked.
Nope, she looked at it, asked me a few questions about the model, and average going price, and damned if she didn't start getting excited about it too!
We are going to keep the 49cc for Jes to commute on, (that will be part of my paying back her investment.)
Her commute is maybe 1/3 of mine, and the speed limit is 35mph tops about as much 25mph, two lanes all the way.
Mine is farther with a lot more areas that are either 35mph and one lane or 40mph, and she's said several times that she worries about me pushing the 49cc to its limits daily like that.
Hell, I worry about it too.
Last time I had it in the shop, the mechanic said I'd need an engine rebuild (cleaning and new gaskets, not that big a deal on a two-stroke automatic) by the end of summer, because I've been pushing the topend constantly.
Anyway the Vespa I'll be getting is the "work-horse" model. they were made from 1978 until like 2003, and Piaggio (Vespa's parent company) still make a 150cc version of this bike. (there were also two Indian companies, that made them as subcontractors to Piaggio at different points, which continued to make the same basic 150cc bike up until the beginning of this year.) My point here being that it is easier to find parts for this bike, than for my 2005 49cc TNG venice LX. New old stock and aftermarket performance parts are all over the internet. Infact it is probably not an exaggeration to say, that this is the easiest bike in the world to find parts for. As well as online user forums. Hell, I've already downloaded and printed out the dealers shop manual and parts book.
So needless to say I'm pretty excited. I'll need to sand and paint it almost immediately, and since it has seen so little use in 26 years, I wouldn't be surprised if I'll need to replace some rubber bits, seals and such.But, you know, having to paint it is just an excuse to break out the airbrush... heh heh.

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