Thursday, July 13, 2006

"So you wanna be a Super-Hero?"

Wired 14.07: POSTS

Well I guess it had to happen, a reality game show where quasi-normal people make fools of themselves... er... that is to say compete to see who would make the best underwear pervert... er... Super-Hero. I have only one question...
Why didn't I get to try out?

I'm gonna go sulk.

This tryout is just the first step for these super-wannabes. Lee will select 10 contestants to advance to the next round, in which they will take up residence in a secret lair (er, loft in LA) for two weeks and embody their super- personas 24/7. (Marvel Comics Patriarch, Stan) Lee will test them on “the genuine qualities that a superhero should have: integrity, courage, self-sacrifice, and honesty.” All of the drama will be filmed and edited to air when the show debuts July 27.

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