Saturday, July 22, 2006

Slashdot | Electric Cars and Their Discontents

Slashdot Electric Cars and Their Discontents

Slashdot apparently was really buzzing with debate over the recently announed Tesla Roadster. So much so, that they have published a summary of some of the more interesting points raised in the discussion.

The thing that nags me -- and I know it's no fault of the electric car designers -- is that electric cars are completely, utterly, useless to folks who live in apartments. That's a lot of people, and we're not all poor. I'd buy an electric NOW if I could get one in the ~20 to 30k range. But how do I charge it? Do I dangle an extra long extension cord from my balcony?Someday we might see roadside chargers like in _The Watchmen_. But until then, no dice for the majority of urban populations around the world. I'll keep riding my bike, and I'll keep around my little 2-door stickshift focus for long hauls.

A lot of these points are ones that get raised every time this discussion comes up. Some, like the above have been hiding under the veil of the obvious.

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