Saturday, July 22, 2006

The Dragon is finally getting Journalistic recognition!

CJR Daily: Amazing Survey Shows Blogging Is ... a Hobby

Yes that's right kids and kittens, none other than the illustrious Columbia Journalism Review's daily blog has referenced the Dragon's scaly cyber-presence.
Ah, yes, I knew those hours prostrate before LCDs and cathode rays, turning a cold eye to the seedy world of scooters, comic books, and the general weirdness that is the internet; tormenting myself over just the right sardonic turn of a phrase; and courageously ignoring everything I ever knew about grammar and spelling; Yes! I knew it would pay off!
Ah, and what pithy repartee have the experts at CJR latched on to immortalize for the journalistic community?
Well here you go:

Many people see Web journals or 'blogs' as alternatives to the mainstream media, but most Americans who run them do so as a hobby rather than a vocation, according to a report released on Wednesday," notes Reuters.
All of which has elicited the following
reaction from Honky-Tonk Dragon: "Well duh!"

er... um...yes...
I suppose it beats a poke in the wing with a sharp lance, eh?

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