Thursday, July 06, 2006

Mt Evans Ride, July 3, 2006

Scooting Among The Clouds
A Vespa Adventure Above 14,000 Feet

Modern Vespa member at large Nukie, (aka David Westman, aka Nuclia Waste, also known by the Dragon as "He who's scoot most induces envy", ) has a great photo-essay posted about this recent group scooter journey to the top of Mt. Evans.

We rode towards our lofty destination, first scooting over Green Mountain and then down into the little town of Morrison. I could see from our approach that the top of Mt. Evans was clear and cloud-free, even though we woke that morning to a very cloudy Denver. The clear skies ahead were promising and encouraging. As we rode up Highway 74 towards Evergreen, Mt. Evans disappeared among the rocks and granite cliffs of the foothills. Along the way, we passed an old covered wagon. I was reminded of the early settlers who road across the western prairie and were stopped by the sheer magnitude of the Rocky Mountains. What would have taken them weeks to do, we were going to do in a day – climb above tree level and scoot among the clouds.


There are some really nice photos here as well.

And for another fun read check out the story of when Nuclia Waste's scooter was stolen.

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