Sunday, July 30, 2006

Holga: the best POS camera you'll ever use

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Back when I was a photo student at Evergreen, these things had quite a following. Photo-Services sold them for like $15, because one of the courses had a project where you turned it into a several shot pinhole camera.
If you're into photography at all, and you haven't played around with a Holga (or the now collectible Diana) you really owe it to yourself to try one. You'll develop a whole new relationship with light, and if you're lucky rediscover a childlike joy for the simple pleasures of photography.
You can get them pre-tricked out.
Or fresh from the Chinese sweatshop, crappy, just as God intended. Then you get to have the fun of tweaking it yourself (you can find instructions all over the internet, but here is a good place to start.) I recommend getting a couple and tweaking them out yourself. Like everything with a soul, each Holga is a unique individual, and some of the mods are mutually exclusive. AND for less than $50 you can be a photographic bandito with a bandolier of different shooters, ready for whatever reality throws at you!

I'm getting all nostalgic for that leather-textured plastic already!
Mmmmm... dreamy holga pictures of classic Vespas...

I'll try and get some Holga gallery links up later.

But for a start check out Ted Orland's work.

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