Monday, July 16, 2007

Video from AmeriVespa 2007

It looks like it may take a bit longer for me to get my full reporting of AmeriVespa 2007, and Quell's maiden voyage posted. Originally I was planning on leaving today, but at last count there are three real (i.e. stocking parts for manual 2 strokes)scooter shops in Seattle. While I've gotten the P running better than when I left, I've got a few questions that I'd like to pose face to face to a professional scooter expert. Plus, I've never set foot in an actual old school scooter shop, and since I've got the time, it would somehow seem wrong not to.
In any case here is some YouTube footage of some of the scoots that swarmed the Emerald City this past weekend.

Some other great reports from AmeriVespa 2007 are showing up on the web. Orin O'Neill, who did a great job helping to organize the rally as a volunteer from the Vespa Club of Seattle, has a slew of posts on his blog, Scootin' Old Skool. Orin, it was a pleasure meeting you Saturday night, many thanks to you and all your Seattle scootering crew who made the event such a blast.

Though Steve Guzman was not able to attend, (***sigh*** I was really hoping to see his T5 in person) he did have a man on the scene, Lawrence Hsu, who gave The Scooter Scoop some first rate dispatches (with photos!)
The Scooter Scoop also has a link to some photos of Dawn Brooks stunning cowgirl mermaid diva themed P, named La Lone Sirena. Though these pics are from an earlier rally, they'll give you a nice look at the scoot that beat out Quell for Best Custom Modern Manual Vespa. Believe me, this is a gorgeous ride, and it's an honor to have been runner up to her.

Well that's it for right now. The Dragon's own indepth travel log and perspective on the rally should be up by Wednesday.

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Orin said...

Ben, it was great meeting you, and thanks so much for the compliment, but my part in organizing Amerivespa 2007 was very small. A very large group of very dedicated people worked their butts off for the last six months to make this great event happen, and we are all very pleased that folks who came from out of town (and off the continent!) had a great time!

Scootin' Old Skool