Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Geek Boy Meet Geek Girl

This article is filed under humor at its parent site, Wheaton College's section on women in computer science. And it is funny, but to use the cliche, it's funny 'cause it's true. Though she will often deny it, I snagged me a gem of a geek girl. She just happens to be a rare and elusive girl woodworking geek. First one I'd ever seen in the wild.
From the article:

So you realized that you're never going to meet Kim Basinger. Moreover, the pretty thing in your Sociology class or the leggy new secretary in the office has given you the cold shoulder three weeks in a row. You're feeling fairly dejected. You obviously haven't considered dating a geek girl.

Unlike the cute things you've been chasing, geek girls learned long ago that physical attributes aren't as important as the person underneath. On the Internet, they can participate in great, anonymous cybercommunities, they can IRC, they can MUD, they can IM, and they can email; they can interact with people intimately without ever meeting them face to face. They are more attracted to intelligence than testosterone; they don't need football players - in fact, most of them find them to be a turnoff. Most importantly, they like fellow geeks - prefer them, even. With a geek girl, a geek guy has a decided advantage. They understand them; they are understood by them. This could actually work.


Once you've got her, the next step is keeping her. To do this, just remember that your geek girl has a few special things about her that distinguish her from other women. All women like gifts, but the geek girl's tastes may be different. The average woman likes flowers, but the geek girl is not average, and may not wish to be bothered with something so transient. A Star Trek mousepad would last much longer. Thinking of getting her a necklace? Why not a new sound card instead? A makeup table would not get much use, but a new computer desk would probably see her more than you do. Use your brain when choosing the gifts; that's what she likes you for, anyway. [footnote]

In closing, remember that a geek girl is a rewarding choice for a happy life. Unencumbered by many of the more ridiculous of society's trappings, she is a comfortable person who uses her brain and who wants to be with someone who does the same. If you qualify, a geek girl may be for you!

Kim Basinger? A little rescuing is fine and chivalric and all, but give me a break!

This article is following the current bias that geeks must be obsessed with computers and Star Trek. (Eh, it's under Women in Computer Science.) The Dragon feels he would be amiss if he did not mention that a geek girl's obsessions may present in a variety of ways. There is for instance the hip librarian. These geek girls are highly literate, and generally possessing of more abstract minds. Their music collections are objects of envy for scope, organization, and prevelance of rare auditory gems. Gift recommendations: A nice edition of anything by Jorge Luis Borges, or of The Master and Margarita, or Harry Smith's Anthology of American Folk Music.

Then there is the unique orchid like beauty of the girl woodworking geek. Extremely appreciative of quality and craftsmanship in a variety of media, warm and down-to-earth, yet also capable of being sophisticated and stoic. Gift ideas are responsibly harvested exotic hardwood lumber, or lumber recycled from abandonded barns. And if you think I'm giving you any more advice on how to steal her, ya gotta another thing coming.


Anonymous said...

Ah, that's sweet. You're a lucky guy to have even found that sweet wood geek.

By the way, you've kind of id'd your maternal parent as a geek, well not a geek girl, but a geek woman. Been communicating primarily electronically since BEFORE the www. got that oh so eclectic iTunes library, etc.


Combatscoot said...

Mine is a bookworm, as well as computer nut. Now, I've got her hooked-on scooters...
By-the-by, any chance of a pic of the 'missus, since we've been priveledged-enough to see the face behind The Dragon?