Thursday, July 19, 2007

Quell's Maiden Voyage: Day 3

or Getting to AmeriVespa.

I woke up early Saturday, picked up a #6 hose clamp at an auto parts store near Mage and Gretchens' and hopped a bus downtown. The bus ride was a restless, anxious experience, as the closer we came to downtown Seattle, the more pretty scoots I saw...
Finally, I hopped off the bus about a block away from where I'd left Quell, near Pioneer Square. I immediately popped off the right cowl, and dove into the carb. Hose clamp installed on the problematic fuel pipe/tube connection, I kicked over the engine... and he still wanted to die in first.
Realizing that I would most likely miss the SQREAM breakfast, I grabbed a breakfast sandwich and stocked up on water, while looking over the owner's and service manuals for the P.
When I returned to the scoot, I wheeled him over to a nice shady spot in a nearby alley, and paid for 2 hours parking there. Things had been outta whack with the carb, and I'd installed the after-market exhaust without tweaking the jets, so I figured the time had come to really dial in the idle adjustment screw, and air/fuel mixture screw. So I spent more time than I'd care to admit fiddling with adjusters. Eventually, I got it dialed in to where Quell would idle on his own.
Finally, I got on the road to South Lake Union. Downtown Seattle traffic on a Saturday was much more leisurely than I'd feared, and my directions were spotless.
I reached the AmeriVespa event site without any problems, a grin as wide as my mustache, splattered across my face.
I mean, just look at this parking lot!

Coming up next: Tales from AmeriVespa, and lots of pics!

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