Friday, July 06, 2007


Can you tell that it's Summer and the Dragon has itchy feet?
That's right folks, three scooter touring posts in a row.

I just came across the ScootStars, Josh and Pete, who are crossing the country on scoots that top out at 29mph. This brave (or foolhardy) voyage is taking place this summer, and they are blogging their journey. They are also leaving some decisions about their route to their web audience. After they hit a certain destination, they put up several choices as to their next goal up as a poll for their readership.

Why are these cats so brave? Lots of other folks have crossed similar distances on scoots, even restricted 49cc scoots and mopeds. But doing it on a restricted noname (probably Chinese) scoot from Pep Boys? That my friends, requires some extremely large genetalia.

The ScootStars are also posting videos of their trip. There are a lot of them but this is my favorite so far:

You can check out all their videos so far here.

This trip is part of where a variety of unorthodox travel adventures spring from. It looks like the ScootStars project is the second in the series, the first being WalkStars, where the boys walked from LA to San Diego.

InTransit is a reality based travel series that follows most triumphant dudes as they travel to and through exotic locales by unusual modes of transportation. Unscripted and unusual, the series focuses on the journey, more so than the destination. Unaware of what's to come, the travelers pack up and explore the world. Whether it's riding a bicycle across Europe, sailing the Caribbean, boating the Mississippi River or walking across a country, there are no limitations to what travel they pursue. Follow the cast as they interact with each other and the environments they surround themselves in.

Well, anyway good luck to you guys. And uh, good luck with those scoots...

(mumbles a quick prayer to the saint of step-throughs)

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