Thursday, July 19, 2007

AmeriVespa 2007: Concours d'Elegance Pics and More

These pictures and comments are really in no particular order.
There is some slightly more organized coverage available at The Scooter Scoop

One of several severely performance modded Lambrettas. While there were all sorts of crazy modded scoots, it seemed like the Lambretta is really into this kind of thing. There were many really impressive Lammys, a lot of them hailing from just North of border. Indeed, Canadians walked off with many of the trophies this year.

Another beautiful Lambretta. I didn't have a great view of the screen for the slide show during the awards banquet, so I'm not positive, in many cases of who won what. Anyway, here are a few more shots of this 'bretta:

A beautifully restored Sprint.

Same Sprint from the back...

And from the front.

I'm pretty sure this veteran from the Cannon Ball won an award, but I forget which category.

Best Rat bike went to this chopped and duct-taped Vespa

This Blue Angels themed P200 took the Best of Show trophy. A really brilliantly executed custom job.


Custom seat really sets the whole thing off.

But those fins, and that tail-light? Freaking amazing! Just an awesome scoot.

The "Country Sedan". I believe this scoot was entered last year as the "Country Squire." Beautiful Woody Vespa.

This scoot got Honorable Mention last year for "Best Automatic Vespa." There should have been a category this year for "Best Presentation." This looked like the display from some alternate universe scooter showroom. This photo also shows off what a great location for the Concours this was, right by Seattle's Center for Wooden Boats.

I believe this outstanding black customized Lambretta won something, but I can't remember which category.

And here of course is the humble Quell. Which despite the whirl-wind of activity on Saturday, I'm pretty sure won "Honorable Mention" in "Best Custom Modern Manual Vespa." At least that's what the ribbon says...

Coming up next even more pics, both from the Concours and the parking lot in general. Including several of "La Lone Sirena Vaquera", the fantastically custom painted P125 which most deservedly won "Best Custom Modern Manual."
Stay tuned.
(Oh and please let me know, if you know about awards, details on scoots, etc., which I have missed!)

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Steve said...

Don't let that get you down man... you did a kick-ass job and you were up against more competition than I've seen in any rally.

Maybe I'll get to see it in person in Chattanooga next year.