Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Touring Australia by Vespa

"Jack" and "Cespu" Mantova are Italian twins who toured Australia last year on their 125cc Vespas. (Jack on a 1984 ets and Cespu on a 1983 px.) The twist to all this? They split the continent in two, and each took half:

The idea was to ride all over the Australian’s coasts, but not together, a solo trip. They would leave together form Adelaide, Jack to West direction, Cespu East way, and finally they would meet again after some months in the North of the Continent to celebrate their 30th birthday together.

The title link will take you to their site, which has kinds of groovy details about the endeavor. This other site has some coverage from the Australian media about the trip.

And there is some footage on YouTube:

Above is part one of the video.

Part 2

Part 3

You know the Dragon loves road stories, loves 'em even more if they utilize two wheels instead of four, and loves 'em best if those two wheelers are step-through. This adventure is the best scooter-touring tale I've heard for some time.

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