Sunday, July 01, 2007

Stella! Stella!

That's right kiddies, it looks like the rumors of the death of 2-stroke steel bodied scooters were a little exaggerated.
Steve over at the Scooter Scoop is reporting that Genuine Scooter Co. will be shipping 220 new Stellas to dealers in October.
A thread over on Stella Speed, confirms these numbers. Someone also mentioned on that thread that Genuine has been taking orders for LML 150 p-clone engines.
There is no announcement concerning this yet on Genuine's site or on Scooterworks. However the latest Scooterworks print catalog does have a back cover graphic announcing the "Genuine Live Reunion Tour" which will feature "Stella, my Baby's Back."

Shifty scooterists, you have permission to break into your happy dances.

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