Sunday, July 01, 2007

Real Steampunk Motorcycle

There's a great thread currently on vintage-looking motorcycles on the Brass Goggles Forum. Forum member rohorn linked to this beauty from Timeless Motor Company.
The 440cc four-stroke is based on the 1910 Harley Davidson Single belt-driven bike. Basically a complete reproduction with some flash touches like a handmade leather seat, and cast bronze muffler.
And if you look at the picture on the timeless site, this puppy has a pedals... so I guess it is in actuality a monster of a Steampunk Moped.
A fully built one runs about $11k and there are kits available as well.

A Kneeslider article about Timeless.

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kia of riverside said...

This one was really cute. I was designed as a vintage although it's not really a vintage one. That was really a great idea and concept