Thursday, June 07, 2007

Vespa Transformers?

This seems like a strange movie tie-in to me. I guess there is a "cameo" of a Vespa in the new Transformers movie, and Piaggio is giving away not only free tickets to the movie with a test ride, but also a Vespa... though I could find which model.

I really don't get the Vespa to Transformers connection, unless there is a Vespa Transformer, which would be freakin' sweet! I'm not gonna get my hopes up though.

Still, kinda interesting...

Test drive a Vespa at a participating dealer during the Vespa National Open House June 14-24 and walk out with a free movie ticket to see this summer's highly anticipated film Transformers featuring a cameo by Vespa! Simply sign-up for Vespa updates online, print the confirmation email and coupon, then go to a participating dealer during the open house dates to test drive a Vespa and receive your Transformers movie ticket.* It's that easy!

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