Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Show I wish I could see...

If you are in NYC this weekend, here's a show you don't wanna miss...
Stacy Mackey is opening for the Big Cats friday night, a show I'd give anything to see. But, alas I'm stuck here using esoteric airbrushing hoodoo to alchemically transform steel into wood.

Stacy provides this data:

come check out this show friday
me, the big cats, and more. June 15 - Brooklyn, NY @ Visions 11 91 S. 6th, Williamsburg.

i'll be there at 6pm. come early to hear me; my set is 7 to 7:30.

you'll find the bar under the williamsburg bridge, sort-a almost literally,... you know where bedford, broadway, and south 6th meet in a 'Y', a coupl'a storefronts down towards the east river, you'll see a spray painted 'V's 11' by a chrome and glass door. don't think there's a cover, but bring $ for classy drinks and merch, dude.

much love,

stacy mackey

Yup, that's right, I'm still on an Arky music kick... but don't let that fool ya. These folks are awesome, and deserve some jaded hipster attention. Give a pre-show listen.

Stacy's hauntingly beautiful stuff can be found here, I recommend giving "Bowery" or "8th Ave" a listen. Like an acoustic scapel that cuts open your heart to let some poetry in... and that's an aesthetic procedure which'll improve just about anyone's quality of life.

The Big Cats have a couple songs in the Towncraft movie, but you can here some tracks via Myspace as well... The Dragon particulary recommends "Man of Leisure," which is like the other side of the coin to "All My Rowdy Friends Have Settled Down." Since we don't have a functional stereo in any of our vehicles, "Man of Leisure" is the song I sing to myself while driving lately.

Oh and if you make it out, tell 'em the Dragon sent ya...

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