Friday, June 08, 2007

best of craigslist : FROM YOUR Bartender

best of craigslist : FROM YOUR Bartender

The Dragon is posting this for three reasons:
1) It's funny.
2) It's funny 'cause it's true.
3) Just doing what I can to make my sweetie's life easier.

Be "The Microbrew Aficionado"
Usually a pseudo-hippy who can't tip a quarter but can't bring himself to drink "schwag," and who has to sample some new berry-wheat-harvest-ale that he heard about at Burning Man. "Do you have the new Vernal-Equinox Special Welcome-Fest?" "Does Anyone?" Here's your Newcastle. Go.

I thought this one was particularly funny (and true.) Living in Olympia, we have our fair share of microbrew lovers, hippies, and pseudo-hippies. (Probably MORE than our fair share of the pseudos, but that's another rant.)
I remember Jes complaining one night when she got home from work about a bunch of "21 and a day" trust-a-farians who kept asking for organic, vegan alcohol. First beer, then anything that might be organic and vegan. They also asked repeatedly for vegan honey.
Don't get me wrong, I like organic goods. I drink organic ales on occasion. But I don't expect them to be on tap, if a bar has them... well that's bonus, dude. If that's all you will allow in your body, then maybe you should call ahead to find a bar that has it. (Hint: In Olympia, Fishtale has a very nice Organic Ale.)

All that being said, vegan booze? Vegan honey?!?
Are you just trying to impress that cute dready girl? Did you fully read the vegan contract before you signed?
Although, I have to hand to these kids, they have actually overloaded the snarky circuits of my brain. Humans... Makes me glad I'm a dragon.

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Robert said...

People can say what they want about Los Angeles.. but after living in Portland and Eugene for about 8 years - I don't miss all the trustafarians and hippies down here.

You just have to deal with the L.A. types. Win some, lose some.