Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Key 64 :: Datamancer Interview

The online metaphysics zine formerly known as Key 23 has reincarnated as Key 64.
Most of what they cover is outside of the happy little niches I try to stick to here at the Dragon, but they have a short interview with steampunk master craftsman Datamancer that is worth checking out.

You’ve turned out some amazing work on the spur of the moment in like, one night. Yet, I remember when we were working on “Programming From the Ground Up”, something simple and bland like a cover design had you agonizing for days. When you finally settled on the design, it was almost like an act of surrender. It reminded me a lot of some of Crowley’s commonly stated complaints about writing books, where he would get so frustrated he’d just include a segment he hated, almost to spite the reader and the book. Do you find it harder to work on “normal” design projects? Are they a “necessary evil” for the up-and-coming designer or should people just focus on their work?
Well personally, I work from the heart. If I’m not personally motivated by a project or don’t believe in it, I have to drag myself through it like a crippled mule through the snow to a slaughterhouse. But….as miserable as it is, I think every designer should serve some time in the business world. It gives you a broader understanding of your audience and helps to refine your work ethic. I think it also taught me how to dull the edge of my own perfectionism. In the work-for-hire world, there is such a thing as “good enough”. That was tough to get past at first, and yes, it felt like an act of surrender.

There is also some mention of Datamancer's new steampunk laptop (seen above), which is worth drooling over, when you get a chance.
Honky-Tonk Hombre, Klintron also has a short piece in the new issue about the "secret" history of Key 23/64.

Thanks for the tip, Klint!

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