Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Going Green with a Red Scooter

Here's a great story from Connecticut (gotta represent for my sweetie, yo) about a new Vespa owner.
What could have been the ubiquitous high-gas-prices-boost-scooter-sales news story was actually spun with a little more thought. There is even a section on some non-scooter related things one can do to green up their lifestyle. My favorite:

Plant more gardens and less lawn. The fertilizers used to make lawns "perfectly" green can seep into the groundwater. By planting multiple natural gardens in your yard, you'll get peace of mind and lots of beauty all around.

1 comment:

Gary Norris said...

love my scoots, but I have to tell you that they are as far from green as you can get.

cheap gas--sure
environmentally friendly--only if spitting oil/fuel mixture into the atmospohere is considered healthy. (sure, they pollute less (maybe) than your SUV, but GREEN? no.)