Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Blues on YouTube

It's been said that God's favorite music is the blues.
I don't know exactly how this assessment of divine aesthetic bias was determined, but who am I to argue? (Especially since, I'm not sure exactly what I just said.)
But if it's true, then YouTube may just be the reason God had Al Gore discover the internet.

Here's Buddy Guy and Junior Wells playing at Montreux 1974

And here's Buddy Guy doing a tribute to Stevie Ray Vaughn (with some backup support by Jimmy Vaughn)

The Chicago Blues Allstars from 1970 and the lineup is Walter Horton:Harp, Willie Dixon: Bass, Lafayette Leake:Piano, Lee Jackson: Guitar, Clifton James: Drums.

Muddy Waters & Sonny Boy Williamson II "Got my Mojo Working" and is that Willie Dixon I spot in the background?

Sonny Boy Williamson II "I'm a Lonely Man"

Booker White - Aberdeen Mississippi Blues

Son House performs Death Letter

And the shiniest gem I've found so far, Three Songs by Leadbelly filmed in 1945.

Also checkout The Blue Shoe Project's YouTube page:

Students Should Experience the Blues - The Blue Shoe Project was founded to keep the blues alive by exposing students to the few blues legends still alive and able to pass on their legacy in person by teaching students about the profound impact of the blues on our music history.

The Legends of the Blues and those influenced by it are aging or passing and with it their rich history and culture. These legendary figures made a profound impact on American Music and our society and students at all levels should know it, be proud of it and experience it. One of the ways we accomplish this objective is to bring Artists into the classroom for students to experience living history. Whether an industry legend, or a practicing Artist of the Blues, our Education Programs provide students a true appreciation for and a valuable understanding of the history, style, and impact of the Blues, even an opportunity to "play the Blues".

The Blue Shoe Project tailors the delivery of blues education to elementary through college students. Programs feature professional, and in some cases "legendary" musicians who are passionate about sharing their extraordinary talent and telling their inspiring stories to students of all ages.

Blues is America's Gift to the World - As a country, there is one thing we have undeniably given the world that no other culture can lay claim to, our music. Blues music. Travel outside the US and its Blues they idolize. From the UK to Japan, to South America, Blues above all is the music of all music.

That's your history lesson for the day, kiddies. Just remember, "Blues is the root, everything else is the fruit."

Thanks go out to BoingBoing for starting this link-fest.

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