Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Trip to Portland

My friends Mage and Gretchen recently had a shindig in Portland to celebrate five years of togetherness. Above is Mage preparing to lay waste to P-town.

After Portland, a night was spent in Oly, hanging out with friends who couldn't make the journey South. Here's Kegan enjoying a smoke outside the bookstore.

This photo was taken in way too low light, and digitally enhanced to be all arty and stuff.
I really like it.
Here we have Gretchen and Klintron about to engage in strange mind-bending experiments in the name of Art. The installation they are sitting down to is in the Portland Art Center where our friend and fellow Evergreen alum, Kelly Rauer is Director of Programs.
You rock, Kelly!
And last, but certainly not least, Mark Graves REALLY likes horseshoes!

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Robert said...

I love Portland. I left plenty of blood and sweat at the (old) Satyricon and Blackbird. RIP!