Sunday, June 17, 2007

Bettie Page

Well, so far today I've posted dragon porn and potty-mouthed punks. Somewhere out there is a puritan I haven't ticked off yet. In an attempt to rectify that oversight, the Dragon presents this page outta his sketchbook, featuring the timeless beauty of Bettie Page.
I've been researching old nose-cone art and pin-ups, as I gear up to do more custom painting, because these two genres are so influential on Kustom Kulture. And that necessarily leads to Bettie, who has been rightly called "the queen of the pin-up."
What's the difference between art and pornography? In my mind, it's Bettie Page.
If recollection serves, the etymology of pornography is literally Greek for "pictures of prostitutes." Pornography implies exploitation, seediness, and a sense of shame which taints almost everything it touches. The creators, the vendors, and consumers. Sure this sense of dirtiness is culturally created, and to some extent is fading in our society. Now we have pro-porn feminists and Suicide Girls.
But there is still icky porn out there, and probably always will be, as long some folks insist on making other folks repress any sexual interest or urge... well somebody's gonna end up associating dirtiness with sexuality, and they are gonna need a little filthiness to get... um... properly stimulated.
Which is why the Dragon loves him some Bettie Page. In her photos she expresses a huge variety of erotic emotions, but never shame. She is playful, coy, mischevious, and empowered. You never feel that your gaze is exploiting her. Somehow, she always remains in charge of her body, and thus the image of her body.
And that, my friends, is truly hot.

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Faeri said...

Ayup. I think your last couple sentences sum it up. With Mdm. Page you never sense that she is out of control. She is happy to be there, and comfortable with it. Yup. Hot.

Yesterday was Fremont Solstice, more examples of people strutting what god gave 'em in a comfortable, natural, and incredibly sexy sort of way.