Thursday, June 07, 2007

Chinese Scooter Owner's Club

Illnoise over at 2Stroke Buzz has alertered us wayward scooterists in N. America to the existence of the Chinese Scooter Owner's Club. He says:

“Well, somebody had to do it!” is the perfect motto for the Chinese Scooter Owners Club. We’re glad someone did, the archive of Chinese manuals and tech tips is a welcome addition to the web. We’ll all be begging these guys for advice sooner or later.

Probably true...

I've been tooling around on the site some, and it does look like a great resource. A word of advice though, if you are going to register, click the link for the forum and register there. Trying to register from the main page just gave me Mysql errors.

I've been mostly just lurking on forums lately, and don't have my Chinese scoot any more, so it'll probably be awhile til ya see me there... but I imagine I'll be on eventually.


Anonymous said...

I love chinese bikes! they are affordable to low income people and you can put as many miles on them as you want without having to worry about high maintenace costs.

Despite a few minor quality flaws, I would not want to drive anything else.

I drive about 300-400 miles a week and a replacement engine is dirt cheap. How cool is that!

God Bless China for making affordable transportation a reality.

replacement engines for other 150cc engines is about 1800 dollars. Replacement engines for the china bikes are about 400 dollars.

I am pretty happy with my Roketa scooter. I have even been decorating it.

Jason Jones - Indiana

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