Sunday, May 06, 2007

Interview with Ree Treweek of the Blackheart Gang

Reader and blogger Siouxfire just left a slightly cryptic comment on the recent post about the Blackheart Gang:

The Concise Overview of "The Household, a series of interviews, production images, and information on the two follow-ups completing the Dodo trilogy as well as the following trilogy(Bear) are at SiouxWIRE:

I gotta tell ya folks, this interview is AWESOME!

Focusing on the design of a particular element, Eddy the Engineer, the white mouse with flowers for a tail who and six legs who sails around on a bunch of bananas and a spoon. How did this design come about and do you create the designs freely or do the others have input or guidance into how the character should look?

Many of my drawings are unplanned. I pick up a pen, start drawing and get to surprise myself with what appears. Eddie and his family are the result of one of these unplanned wriggles. Eddie is definitely one of my favorite characters - if i were to describe him I would say he is a cross between MacGuyver, Buddha and God. His tail is constantly falling off and then crawls along the ground before burying its tip into soil and growing into a pink flower. Thus wherever Eddie wanders a trail of pink flowers remains. Eddie is the creator of the Household. (see the pic entitled Eddie and Family)

I love these kinds of interviews with artists that get into that messy, chaotic part of their psyche where ideas are born. There are a lot of cool production sketches (like the one above) with the interview as well. Really cool stuff.

Thanks Siouxfire!

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