Saturday, May 05, 2007

2StrokeBuzz Version 1.0

I just finished listening to the latest installment of the SCTRCST, in which Dave interviews Illnoise from 2StrokeBuzz. There are some technical difficulties with the sound during the interview, but it is worth a listen, nonetheless.
An interesting tip from this latest podcast is that the old print zine editions of 2StrokeBuzz are available online. I think I remember hearing something about the Buzz starting as a print publication, but I didn't know those issues were really available in any format...
(hmmm... I wonder if one could scare up some originals in the Olympia Zine Library...)

Anyway these are really cool. The design and production values are fantastic, the first issue looks like an old school vespa manual!

So if you're curious about a slice of scootering history, check out the title link, or click here.

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