Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Report From Our Man in Little Rock

Oh man oh man, the DMZ.
Iain de Sane had this to say about the last post:
I wish the documentary had some music in it and wish they had mentioned 2 minutes hate, the glands, doctors 4 bob(sub genius band), big boss line, Nessie, and various other bands from the time. The Glands were fucking amazing! It seemed to be about a more narrow group of people but they really couldn't have covered it all as there was so much happening. I thought there was a wanker or two that didn't deserve to share the spotlight but hey wtf I didn't get off my ass and make it did I.
You are absolutely correct Little Rock youth had such a craving for culture and creativity outlets that many created their own comedy troupes, clubs, and record labels. They may have been a little ahead of some of the larger cities who just didn't have such massive cultural voids to fill. It is a great project by Richard Matson and a great model that can be initiated by other cities. Hats off to the lads GREAT JOB...
I have always felt that Little Rock for its size has had a very interesting music scene especially on the fringe. If you have a chance check out some of the bands around right now in LR like Soophie nun squad (if they unite again), Johny Mac, Hector Faceplant, Sulac, and of course Stacey Mackey just to name a few.
I truly miss the old DMZ and Das GO GO. Honky Tonk Dragon even drug me out of the house to see the Flaming Lips and The Squids now there was a great band from Ft.Smith....wonder what happened to them.....I'll quit ranting.Bravo Matson & Crew ! ! !
I have to agree with His August Personage of Sanity, that Flaming Lips show while to this day it gives this redneck monster some "street cred," the real stars for me were The Squids. I know they were from NW Arkansas, Jonesboro I think, where they were the only punks, but they were just freaking amazing!
I saw them several times at DMZ, and each show was better than the last. They did a hardcore cover of Neil Diamond's "They're Coming to America" which was extremely (slam) dancable and years ahead of the Me First and the Gimmes string of ironic punk covers. I seriously have my fingers crossed that someone will post sound or video clips of one of their shows.

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