Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Bookshelf Wallpaper?

bOINGbOING has a post up about these handprinted bookshelf wallpapers...
I'm really torn on this idea... it has a certain surrealist vibe that I can appreciate... but I have feeling this wallpaper doesn't come cheap... and well wouldn't you be better off just -- you know--- covering your walls with actual books?
OK, so I'm a little biased, I have friends like this, him, these folks, this pack of rabble rousers, this miscreant, these madmen, and these fine buccaneers of the literary seas. Which basically means in the Dragon's meatspace reality books get exchanged like handshakes at a Masonic Lodge. Yes, many of those links are different masks of the same bibliophile ninjas, which actually goes to prove my point all the more, rather than discredit it.
A full bookshelf of handpicked titles is a thing of joy, wonder, and dedication, as well as the most rewarding home insulation available.
My mother, who like many matriarchs is so lacking in vice as to be saintly, is so addicted to the printed word that bookstores provoke from her the same rationalizations and mental gymnastics as a lapsed friend of Bill W. at a wine-tasting. "Oh well, this one is so high quality... it can't hurt." "but I've been looking for this one forever." and "but i've heard such praise about this one... I'll just save it for a rainy day."

Ah, Books!

OK, I'll shut up now.


Anonymous said...

"My mother, who like many matriarchs is so lacking in vice as to be saintly, . ."

Ouch, excuse me, my halo is too tight on my swelled head and it's giving me a headache.


sky said...

ha! that's funny!

hello mrs. honky-tonk

thanks for the shouts out dragon, i agree, bookshelf wallpaper is mostly lame-o, although I do have my pirate treasure chest lined with it, and am looking forward to lining my sock drawer as soon as I can scrape a few dubloons together.

i really hope you get that paperbag princess and roast her alive.

Heather McDougal said...

We are in the process of building a house. We probably have about 1,000 books (which I am not allowed to cull), mostly in storage, and my husband says one of his goals in life is to have every single one of our books out on shelves.

Try to imagine what our living room will look like. There are already stacks of books on the couch, the kitchen table, the floor, desks, windowsills, etc. - mixed with the usual other detritus of course.

I suppose the bookshelves will be better than the stacks...