Thursday, May 31, 2007

Steampunk Magazine #2

Brass Goggles has alerted the Dragon, that Steampunk Magazine #2 is out now. As always you can order a physical copy, or download it for free.

I've just skimmed over this latest issue, and so far the highlights for me were Johnny Payphone's article on the Penny Fakething, or how to hack together your own modern take on a Penny Farthing, those sweet old bikes where the front wheel is significantly larger than the first. Also for the tinkerers and mad machinists, there is a great interview with I-Wei Huang, the genius behind the lovely steam-powered automatons of Crabfu.

Libby Bulloff's "Steam Gear: A Fashionable Approach to the Lifestyle" is a lovely piece on crafting a Steampunk persona, and creatively draping it in the appropriate garments. Bulloff's piece is also beautifully illustrated by Colin Foran. Nice job, kids!

Also of note is a great history of Steampunk by Cory Gross. If you are newly attracted to the steamy aesthetic, this a great overview of literature, film, games, and music which have marked it's evolution.

Though I have yet to read the whole magazine (the fiction pieces will of course be approached at a more liesurely pace) I'm even more impressed with this issue than the first. This mag is shaping up to be something extraordinary.

Oh and the article on Steampunk body hair is great, with a fantastic chart of various Victorian facial hair styles.

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