Sunday, January 14, 2007

Sunday Morning Jukebox Sermon

Sorry it has been so long between posts.
I intended to go dark after posting about RAW's demise, but of course, found a few links that I had to post to, before I did.
So, I've been doing some personal organizing, which I'll share some thoughts about soon.
And I've been preparing for Mage's birthday party, which was last night.
I grabbed a few hours of sleep, after hanging out on the porch with Mage all night, in the cold smoker's section of the house. Of course we had some Irish whiskey to help warm us up...

Anyway, it's the morning after the night before the morning after, and I find myself keeping the fire going, armed only with really wet wood we split last week. Every one else is asleep, and Sky used his last few calories, before sleep, stoking up the fire, spewing in a drunken mantra about how he had to make sure the house was warm enough for the girls, who are not here. It was endearing, maybe you had to be there...
So... Anyway... I'm sitting here stoking the woodstove, and listening to MP3s offa John Burgess's ipod. It's set to repeat through his admittedly small, but quality, Country playlist. And he has on it, besides the rare and amazing workingman's blues Oney by Johnny Cash; has the classic Waylon Jennings version of Luckenbach, Texas. But damn, the Dragon must say, as a working class reptile, Oney is rare treasure. But next on John's play list is Waylon....

Which somehow, ironically perhaps... inspires poetry

Ode to Luckenbach at Dawn

A little piece of the zen heart of American country.
If is a genuine tonic to the soul,
dissolving hours of gridlock traffic wrestling
in a few slide guitar bars...

Half-way through the song you have shed
your cares, your worries, and you are
seriously considering how this
successful life we're livin'
got us feudin' like the Hatfields and McCoys...

Maybe it is time
we got back to the basics of love

And we could use that warm and friendly voice
like an appropriate uncle,
of Willie comin' in a just the right moment...

It's just a country song, by a coupla no good,
pot-smoking, pill-popping
Country and Western Stars.
But it offers me redemption,
like no hymn ever did...

Available for a few quarters,
at any local Waffle House....

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Combatscoot said...

Sweet. I really like Cash, Waylon, and Nelson. Good stuff I grew-up listening to.