Monday, January 22, 2007

Hillbilly Steampunk DIY Fridge Cold Smoker

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Through some weird peculiarity of Google, somebody recently hit this site looking for diy fridge cold smoker. This sounded so cool, I had to see what the Google results were, and found this little jewel. The smoker described at the end, sounds like a hillbilly steampunk salmon smoking dream.

08-22-04, 12:29 PM

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cold smoking
I'm looking for"cold smking" tips for an electrical smoker.

01-14-05, 08:47 PM

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keep the heat away from your meat.. I built a cold smoker in Las Vegas, using an old refrigerator and a block b-b-q unit.. put the b-b-q over about 10' from the frig and used stove pipe to run the smoke into the lower side of the frig... then used another piece of the stove pipe to make a chimney with an adjustable vent in it.. to regulate the amount of heat I got up the lower pipe.. inserting a meat thermo through the front door gave me a great reading of the interior temp and I could keep it well below the kippering stage.. plus the racks in the frig were terrific for the meats.. also used a homemade (looked like an old timey outhouse) shed up in the islands.. dug a big hole next to it and dropped a 55gal drum down in it with a chimney pipe going under ground over into the bottom of the shed.. the shed of course was so drafty, you couldn't build up any heat, so that was no worry, and it caked up with smoke really fast using a lot of alder wood... it worked terrific and with its little crooked chimney on top was rather cute too..

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