Monday, January 29, 2007

B.B. King released from Hospital

B.B. King released from Hospital

Oh, Thank God!

When I heard that Mr. King had been hospitalized recently, I got a little scared. He's not a young man, and diabetes can be rough at any age. Plus we all know that the Blues are God's favorite type of music...

Blues legend BB King has been discharged from hospital in Texas after a bout of flu, and his management says he is "back to his old self".
The 81-year-old had a fever after contracting flu and was admitted to the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston on Friday.
He had to cancel two concerts in the city, but will now play as scheduled in Fort Worth, Texas on Tuesday.
King, who is diabetic, was reported to be otherwise in good health. ...
King was "feeling fabulous", she said.

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Combatscoot said...

It's just amazing that he still plays. I was just reading about Stephane Grapelli, how he played jazz violin all-the-way to his death in his 80's, and how his playing actually improved to the end. Amazing.