Sunday, January 28, 2007

DIY Steampunk Scanner

Datamancer has done it again with this fantasically modded flatbed scanner. This thing is gorgeous!

The scanner sits inside a sheetmetal framework with the book built around it. The covers and spine were made from pieces of a huge, oversized clipboard I had. I was having difficulty finding bookbinding leather in small enough quantities and high enough qualities, so I ended up dissecting a large envelope satchel thing my aunt gave me which she had kicking around in her basement. This explains the long stitch seam down the edge of the cover, but that will not be found on any future versions. The scanner then got a decorative cardboard shell (the white side of an old art pad cover) and I used gold bridal ribbon to fake the gold page gilding.

via Brass Goggles


have towel, will travel said...

Yes, the scanner is fab. But what I really wanted to say was HI. I was goofing off at lunch today and found this site:
It made me think fondly of you and I wanted to tug on your memory a bit and let you know we're still all kicking, screaming sometimes too, but mainly kicking. It took a long time to go through and get all my username/pw stuff worked out and pick a place to barge in. So, I'm tired now, but who knows, maybe I'll get a blog site figured out soon.

punkelf said...

Hey Girl,
Glad you found me. I've looked around on MySpace for you with no luck.
Give my best to Bart and the kiddoes.