Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The Mother of All DIY Links

The Mother of All DIY Links

Seriously, a HUGE page of links to DIY articles from Mother Earth News, that publishing institution that introduced your humble Dragon to such wonderful things as wind power, passive solar hot water heating, and composting. These links go to articles from January 1970 to the present. This my friends, is elementary, secondary, undergrad, and graduate learning in DIY, all on one extremely long HTML document.

Here's just a sample from back when the Dragon was chiselin' outta the shell with a chitinous egg-tooth:

Oil Story - November, 1971
Here's what Organic Merchants have to say about the process of refining oil, and what consumers should know about vegetable oil, and its nutrients.
Vinegar Is Vinegar - November, 1971
According to Beatrice Trum Hunter, there are many varieties of this easily-made, tangy, fermented liquid-and within rather wide limits-homemade vinegar can be just what you want it to be.
Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee - November, 1971
Michael Blake on the Indian history of the American West. Dee Brown's book is the first detailed chronicle of the destruction of a people, its saga is so complete in its grisliness, its horrors of inhumanity, and its sweeping injustice.
The Countryside Print Shop - November, 1971
One notable sister journal of Mother is a friendly little magazine called COUNTRYSIDE published by Jerry Belanger up in Marshall, Wisconsin. Started in 1969 for the same reason of helping spread information on life styles that are more in harmony with the better interests of the planet on which we live.
The Braided Rug Go-Round - November, 1971
The most important ingredient of a braided rug- outside of your labor and love - is the recycled fabric from which it's made of.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the lovely mention of Mother Earth News!

Your readers might also be interested in this organized list of our DIY projects from over the years.
Tabitha Alterman
Associate Editor, Mother Earth News
(800) 678-5779

Honky-Tonk Dragon said...

You are most welcome!
I cut my teeth on Mother Earth News, and think that the whole of it's catalog is a DIY Resource extraodinaire!

Readers the organized list that Tabitha mentions is quite nice and includes links to purchase detail plans for many of the projects... things like hybrid cars and wind generators. The Dragon says Check it out.