Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Steampunk... Lightsabers?

Steampunk Lightsabers
Um... Why does this tickle me and make my brain hurt at the same time? Somehow I both want one, and want to hide my head in shame for the impulse. Generation X should be stepping up to the plate right now, as the first generation to grow up fully indoctrinated into the digital lifestyle, and leading the world. I mean think about it, we're full adults now, old enough to run for Senate and the presidency, and a lot of us have a little prosperity, skill, and connections from that dot com thingee a few years back. (Not me, of course, but I'm generalizing.) We are the perfect bridge generation between the boomers and Generation Y, or whatever they are called, because while we are fully fluent in computers, cell phones, and the like, we still remember the analog world, and a time when you could (or at least our dads and uncles could) actually work on your own car.
Instead, we make and buy steampunk lightsabers...
Still, they're pretty freaking cool...
more about the top one here
and the bottom one here

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