Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The Young Invincibles

A New York magazine article about the endemic lack of insurance coverage for those under 35. Depressing reality.
The article mentions how young kids just out of college face a job market of "permalancing" or working as contractors potentially for years before (if ever) getting a "permanent" position that provides full benefits. It doesn't mention that recent college graduates, besides facing a sluggish job market where finding one salaried job with chances for promotion that will see you through to retirement is a nostalgic fantasy, face the highest amount of student loan indebtedness ever seen in this country, are also looking at a housing market which is prohibitively inflated to many.
Never has Johnny Rotten's prediction of "No Future for you," seemed more accurate.
If you are young, underpaid, uninsured and live in New York, the last page of the article does list some resources. Otherwise, until the powers that be are willing to consider ... What was that dirty word, Sentator Bullworth?... Socialized health care, the Dragon sincerely wishes you good health.

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Combatscoot said...

The Great American Health Plan: Don't get sick.