Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Resolution of the Human Eye

How does our inate vision weigh against our technology? Well...

After weighing the scanning abilities of stereo vision comprised of rods and cones, hogofdestruction over on deviantart comes up with:

this translates to ...576 megapixels of available image data.
Curiously - as a counterpoint to this - most people cannot distinguish the difference in quality between a 300dpi and a 150dpi photo when printed at 6x4", when viewed at normal viewing distances.
So: although the human eye and brain when combined can resolve massive amounts of data, for imaging purposes, 150dpi output is more than enough to provide adequate data for us to accept the result as photographic quality.
But don't forget that women have more cones and men have more rods - I kid you not.
Therefore the ladies see colours brighter than gents but can't see as well when it gets dark.

Of course this only applies to humans... we mutants and Dragons perhaps can distinguish a few more variations of shades of both color and grey...

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