Saturday, March 31, 2007

Piaggio Carnaby

Just happened upon this article from the Belfast Telegraph on the new Piaggio Carnaby, a very bright and happy scooter which will supposedly be offered in 125 and 200cc models. No information on the PiaggioUSA site, but there is a stand alone, which has English and Italian versions, and you can choose USA as a country when requesting more information... so we'll see if this one comes stateside or not.

From the Belfast Telegraph:

From behind, the all-new Piaggio Carnaby resembles a cartoon owl. A pair of big, round tail-lights sits above a protruding number-plate illuminator that looks like a beak. It is friendly, but not entirely unique. This latest big-wheel scooter from the giant Italian group is simple and practical, not spectacularly original. And that makes its name perplexing.
The idea is clear. Carnaby means Carnaby Street, which means Swinging London, mini-skirts, Jean Shrimpton and The Kinks: or, for a fresher generation, Austin Powers, Felicity Shagwell and Dr Evil. Which would all be fun if the little machine exuded essence of Sixties freedom and charisma.

Edit--1:49 am 03/31/07 John from Combat Commuter informs me that:
"That's a re-badged Aprilia CityStreet. John"

Thanks, John!

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Combatscoot said...

That's a re-badged Aprilia CityStreet.