Thursday, March 15, 2007

Allen Ginsberg Interviews MP3

I swear I'm not having a special Beat day or anything... just by a strange synchronicity, I also happened to stumble across this radio interview today.

It caught my interest because I happened to be lucky enough to be in Hot Springs for the poetry reading mentioned on the page.

There's over a half hour audio here, I'm just getting into these.

Anyway, enjoy

On November 5, 1994 I interviewed legendary beat poet Allen Ginsberg in Hot Springs, Arkansas. Ginsberg was appearing as part of the annual Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival, which was showing the very compelling documentary "The Life and Times of Allen Ginsberg." He also gave an enthusiastic and well received live performance, which he allowed me to tape and broadcast, along with the interview on Little Rock community radio station KABF. But because of potential copyright conflicts, I'm only including sound from the interview here.
At the time, in addition to an alternative rock show, I was hosting a weekly spoken word program on KABF. Joining me for the interview was Sam Caplan, who was host of "The Poetry Show" on KABF. He too had been interested in talking with Ginsberg and I thought it would be good to do the interview together because we both had different subjects we wanted to talk about and together would be able to hit on a broad range of topics. I also felt that since Sam knew more about formal poetry than I that he would be good to have with me. We recorded the interview in his room at the Arlington Hotel. He had just finished a poetry workshop that afternoon and talked with us before doing his performance that evening.

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