Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Worst SF and Fantasy Cover Art, EVAH

Have you had your daily dosage of snotty snarkiness?
Well, if not, then you should check out this nasty, mean-spirited, spiteful and wickedly hilarious survey of the worst cover art for Fantasy and Science Fiction books, on the Cracked site. It's funny in that low-hanging fruits snide David Spade commentary sort of way. I mean, it is an open secret that some artist for this genre have contracts which forbid them from reading the book they are doing the cover for. I'm serious. Have you seen any of those Boris Vallejo style early 70's covers for the Elric books, where Elric looks like Conan in an Edgar Winter wig?
But really guys, there is no challenge in picking on these guys... Did you run out of Fabio jokes for ripping on the Romance covers? What are you doing, covering for your own inadequacies or something?
Oh wait a second, Cracked... like Cracked Magazine? I remember that rag, it was kinda funny... although I liked it better the first time... When it was called MAD magazine.

(Insert Nelson Muntz "Ha ha" here.)

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