Monday, March 26, 2007

Cabinet of Wonders Blog

Here's my shameless attempt to pay my dues to the mutual appreciation society.
The Dragon just recieved a lovely notification from Heather McDougal, proprietor of the Cabinet of Wonders Blog, that she has added the Dragon to her blog-roll. The Cabinet of Wonders blog has only been around for less than a week, so I hope I'm excused for not stumbling across it yet, but I encourage you to check it out. Her enigmatic and intriguing mission statement:

What we have here is a Cabinet of Wonders, a place where things of interest are set out, in possibly bizarre, possibly fetishistic presentation, for perusal by the discerning, who understand that presentation, and scientific interest, are all a form of magic. Warning: I am a writer so these tend to be essays, not soundbites.

So far Heather seems to be doing an exemplary job at creating an HTML cabinet of wonders, with great posts on clockworks, automata, fossils and a cursory introduction to the Enlightment practice of assembling Wunderkabinetts and Wunderkammers. She claims some of her inspiration for starting the blog came from steampunk, but she is more interested in covering Enlightment era gadgets, artifacts, curiosities, and things of wonder. It looks pretty dang cool so far!

Now one of these days, I gotta get around to updating my own link-list...

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