Saturday, March 10, 2007

CombatCommuter's Ongoing Maintenance Essays

John over at Combat Commuter has a new post up about liquid coolant and the proceedure for it's replacement. John used to be a motorcycle technician, and has a detailed yet easy going voice in his DIY scooter maintenance articles. Though none of the scooters in our stable are liquid cooled, I highly recommend this tutorial for those of you with more modern scoots or motorcycles.

I have attempted to go a long time without changing my coolant in the past and paid for it with a premature water pump change. Water pumps on cars are relatively easy. Motorcycles and scoots can be involved. Trust me, just change your coolant every 4 years, or have it done!
Because I am a bit of an environmentalist, and because I like quality products, I bought some Engine Ice, made by Cycle Logic. It is a propylene glycol formula, non-toxic.
I believe in non-toxic coolants, as I had a beautiful grey/black brindle Whippet who died from drinking coolant my father had just drained from his truck. That's not to say this coolant couldn't kill an animal, it would just take alot more than a few sips.
This brand is also produced using de-ionized water, supposed to reduce scaling and deposit build-up.
Changing coolant is not difficult, but does require time and patience.

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