Monday, January 28, 2008

Sexy Vespa Messenger Bag

So one of the things I'm doing at Vespa Ridgefield, is going through some of the inventory that has been hanging around too long, or worse yet, has been stuck in a corner of a basement. There are definitely some strange artifacts, and rifling through them has been kinda fun.

Some items I'm putting on ebay. And I promise I won't be blogging about every obscure nut and bolt I list, but when I come across some scooter specific items... well I just might mention them here.

Vespa Ridgefield, was one of the first ten Vespa dealers in the US, back when Piaggio brought the brand back stateside. We still have a lot of strange "Boutique" products, like Vespa soaps and bath salts. This messenger bag is one of the coolest items from that era.

What really interests me about the bag is that I have been unable to find it anywhere but in our inventory, and a five year old catalog of Vespa "lifestyle"merchandise. Google can't even turn up evidence of its existence, which in my world is almost the same as not existing.

And that's a shame, because of all the strange fashion accessories and toiletries being stamped with an official Vespa logo from the time, this is one of the coolest. Made in Italy of very high quality supple leather, this bag is nice. It's a bit on the small side as far as messenger bags, and a bit more metrosexual than is my style, so I don't really want one for myself. But they are nice bags, and it puzzles me that we still have some, and that I can find no mention of them online.
I guess back in the day these were available in colors to match the paint schemes of Vespa ET2s and ET4s. We sold out of the colored bags, but still have a couple of the black ones. Which again is weird to me, I can't see wanting one of these in "Vintage Green," and every hipster and fashionista knows, black goes with everything.


Anonymous said...

I have one of these in the vespa green and in black. how much for this one?

Peter said...

Hi there, love this bag. How much do they go for? Could you mail me at thanks.