Wednesday, January 30, 2008

A Hummer I'd actually consider...

A 400cc Hummer scooter?!?
What?! What!?

OK, so it's just a Design exercise, but it has some interesting features, and I know I'm not the only freak out there dreaming of a dual-purpose scooter. I also like the fixed front fender, which looks like it could be made to sport quite a front rack. But come on folks, a scooter is supposed to be step-through! Step-Through! Not just some lame indentation in the middle like some sway-backed nag.

This blog, Scooter Design is going to be one of my new favorites. It's in Italian, but who cares, when the pictures are so pretty! Like this gorgeous concept for an electric update to the classic Moto Guzzi Galleto. It's electric and it looks very DieselPunk!

via Sethwas and Badpenguin on Modern Vespa

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ScooterScoop said...

Hear here! That Guzzi is the HOTNESS!