Thursday, January 03, 2008

NYC International Motorcycle Show

So last Sunday, Jes and I got to go the International MC Show in NYC. I got free tickets through work, though I had to work the Piaggio/Vespa/Moto Guzzi booth for a while.
The Piaggio booth was right in front of the main entrance, so the first bike I saw upon arrival was the one I'd come to see. That's right the Gilera Fuoco 500ie... er ah, the Piaggio MP3 500...
Dang that's hot! Fuoco is the better name for it, 'cause it is so freaking hot.
Gotta get me one! Gonna have to start promoting my airbrushing some, cause the $8900 price tag ain't pocket change.

Of course there were a lot of examples of custom airbrushing at the show.

Above was one of my favorites. Not the most showy as far as airbrush technique goes, but an original concept which fit the bike well. Plus a Star Wars theme always has geek appeal.

The above two paint jobs are indicative of the better examples of airbrushing we saw. Technically accomplished, but well, kind of adolescent in subject matter. Not that I'd have any reservations about painting such things, just that I wouldn't want to do them on my bike. I mean it's a Custom bike. You're spending thousands of dollars to get a unique expression of your personality, and you get flames and dead things just like everyone else. Still the knotwork on the green skull bike is pretty cool, I suppose I wouldn't kick it out of the garage for dripping a little oil.

I quite liked the above paint job. Almost a Cyberpunk feel to it. An abstraction of mechanized power. I'm probably a year or two away from being able to afford my coveted MP3 500, but of course I'm already contemplating how to custom paint one. Right now I'm kind of leaning towards something like that, but more Steampunk than Cyber, if you know what I mean.
What would a bike show be with out some classic beauties? Of course there weren't any cherry Vespa GSs, but there was the above 1953 Vincent Black Lightning.
Pardon me a moment, while I wipe the drool off my keyboard.

An of course there were classic Harleys. This former speed record holder was pretty interesting.
And while it wasn't vintage, or a record holder, I quite liked the looks of this new Harley. That semi-gloss metallic paint was quite the canine's mammarys.
Ah, now we are talking! Got a glimpse of this classic Lambretta parked outside surrounded by 1200cc monstrosities. Reminding me what I love about two-wheeling.

Of course there were all kinds of oddities at the show, besides your humble narrator. Check this Argo amphibious vehicle. Available for sportspeople and law enforcement.
You'll notice that I've been vague at best in identifying most of the motorcycles I've shown. Well I'm a scooterist, the details often get lost on me. This puppy certainly made an impression though. It's the BMW R1200GS Adventure, and it's the kind of bike that makes you feel like adolescent dreams of touring to Tibet just might be attainable...

Well that's about it for my decent photos from the show. In the next few days I'll try and post some details about some of the other discoveries I made on the exposition floor.


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Anonymous said...

I give you 10 points for a well crafted, insightful, and informative website. I subtract 11 points for quoting Tim Robbins.