Monday, January 14, 2008

The Scooter Scoop Sells Out!

Of course I kid!
I kid because I love!
The Dragon wishes extreme congratulations to Steve Guzman of the Scooter Scoop for his new job as US front man for Italjet scooters.
While it has been mentioned in the scooter blogsphere that Steve is putting his credibility on the line with this development, and even Steve himself has said that he may stop reviewing other scooter manufacturer's products because of a possible perceived conflict of interest, I don't see it. Steve has always been enthusiastic without being fanboy blind in his reviews, and I really doubt that will change.
The main advice the Dragon can give to him is, Damn it, Steve! Make those Italians bring a Dragster stateside, ASAP!
But really, friends, as a new employee of a Vespa dealership, I gotta say, be very discerning in your critiques of the the stateside dealers and importers of scooters. Despite our passion for this particular form of conveyance, most international scooter manufacturers view the US market as an afterthought.
So if Steve is forced to deliver us bad news, don't blame the messenger. You know as well as I, that he is doing the best he can.

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