Friday, January 04, 2008

The Beugler Pinstriper

A bike show is nothing if not a display of toys for children who refuse to grow up. The toy that I returned most desirous of, is pictured above, the Beugler Pinstriper, a sort of technical pen for paint. It takes One-Shot enamel, unthinned, and rolls it down without the drips and stops you might wrestle with using traditional pinstriping brushes. Judging from the patent, this puppy has been around for awhile, and I vaguely remember discussing it with a former landlord who did a lot of automotive restoration. But it wasn't until I saw it being used last week end that I really appreciated it.
Now, don't get me wrong, I have heaping loads of respect for traditional pinstripers,, and would even like to learn that craft some day. But as an artiste with aspirations to do custom scooters, this puppy would sure come in handy. There have even been a few fine-art paintings I've worked on where I wished for a technical pen which would accept paint.
There are many sized heads, or more accurately wheels available for this, including double line wheels. It's a little spendy for the initial investment, but if you are doing even a little custom painting on the side, it would quickly pay for itself. Actually, considering what a traditional pinstripper charges, it would pay for itself just in one job for yourself.

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